10/26/2011 NEPA APICS Visit to Bloomsburg University

Mr. Ed Daveski, VP of Education for NEPA APICS visited with 25 students and 2 faculty members at Bloomsburg University to discuss supply chain career opportunities, his vast work experience, and example projects with which he had been involved. The students volunteered to come to the event because of their declared or possible interest in supply chain management.

Students commented that they enjoyed Mr. Daveski’s requirements for taking a business to the next level: commitment, ethics, and perseverance. They also found the implications of REACH to be eye-opening and said they wanted to remember the  perspective of “what can we do to keep our customer in business.” One student commented that Mr. Daveski’s story about Emerson’s lengthy payment terms was impactful because it reinforced a recent class lesson on the cash conversion cycle.

Mr. Daveski concluded with a talk about the importance of actively belonging to a professional society and pursuing professional certifications. Students asked about the role of APICS in Mr. Daveski’s career progression, advice about courses, and opportunities he saw for entry-level positions.

The students and faculty at Bloomsburg University heartily thank Ed Daveski & Joe Desmarteau (who unfortunately missed the event by a few minutes due to work commitments) for their efforts and time! They also thank the chapter for generously providing pizza and soda.

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