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APICS is  globally recognized as a not-for-profit organization serving the manufacturing and service industries. Founded in 1957 as the American Production and Inventory Control Society, APICS has expanded its focus to include a full range of programs and materials on individual and organizational education, standards of excellence, and integrated resource management. To reflect this new direction, we are now know as APICS – The Association for Operations Management. With over 40 years of experience and more than 72,000 individual and corporate members, APICS is the premier provider of quality education in resource management.


Our web site is dedicated to providing our members with the latest chapter news and sources of information related to the APICS body-of-knowledge. We also provide links to other web sites we think our members may find useful in their daily lives as resource management professionals.


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 If you would like further information about APICS you can reach the society at 1-800-444-2742 or visit their web site by clicking HERE. If you are interested in joining our chapter, or learning more about what we do, Contact Apics Nepa by email at: NepaApics@gmail.com




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